Anokumono yôni
Like that cloud

funwarito ukabu

anokumono yôni

ôzorade asobu

yume mitaina


anokumoni notte

ôzorao fuwari

tôi umio koete


To lightly float throughout the air,

like that cloud,

and play in the breadth of the sky,

that is what I want to dream about.


I want to float on that cloud,

want to float on the breadth of the sky,

and want to fly over the boundless ocean

to the infinite distance.

This song was published 1883 in the second volume of the first Japanese music book for elementary school. It was published with different lyrics and under the title “On new year’s morning”. At that time, the song still had the same ABA structure as the German original folk song. Ever since, this song has had many other lyrics. The version that we are using here is by Akiko Furyû. In this version, the B part is missing.