Kasumika kumoka
Is it mist or clouds?

kasumika kumoka hatayukika

tobakari niou sonoharazakari

momotori saemo utounari


kasumiwa hanao hedatsuredo

hedatenu tomoto kitemiru bakari

ureshikikotowa yonimo nashi



kasumite soreto mienedomo

naku’uguisuni sasowaretsutsumo

itsushika kinuru hanano kage

Is it mist or clouds or perhaps snow?

The flowers are smelling a little,

many birds are singing.


The mist is in between me and the flowers,

but there is nothing in between me and my friend

     with whom I’ve come here.

Where else can you find such a happiness in this world?


The mist hampers the sight,

but the cry of the nightingale attracts us,

we are surrounded by the flowers’ shadow.

The second part of the first Japanese music schoolbook for elementary school (1883) already included this song with these particular lyrics by Izuo Kabe. Later on, many other lyrics were written to this melody, but this original one is still very popular.