Booklet cover

For elder and middle generations in Japan, the chair is recognizable as one that was used at elementary school.

Page 10

Front page of a song book for elementary school dating back to 1910.

Page 16

A board at the restaurant „Griechenbeisl“ in Vienna which remembers the „dear Augustin“ who had been singing there.

Page 36/37

Richard Heller, Shihomi Inoue-Heller (photo: Hiroshi Mishima)

Page 59

B. Stöcker, M. Kimmich, Sh. Inoue-Heller, St. Barcsay (from left to right)

Page 62

M. Nagano-Lindermeier, Sh. Inoue-Heller (from left to right)

Page 63

R. Heller, L. Sauer (from left to right)

Cover of the German version of the booklet:

Gudrun Christa: part of the illustrations of the ancient Bavarian fairytale “Der Goggolori – The Goggolori” (detail)