Studio auf einer Reis’
Student traveling

Studio auf einer Reis’,

juchheidi, juchheida,

ganz famos zu leben weiß,

juchheidi, heida.

Immerfort durch dick und dünn

schlendert er durchs Leben hin.

Juchheidi, heidi, heida,

juchheidi, juchheida,

juchheidi, heidi, heida,

juchheidi, heida!


Kehr’n wir in ein Wirtshaus ein,

juchheidi, juchheida,

trinken wir stets Bier statt Wein,

juchheidi, heida.

Alle Mädel sind uns gut,

denn wir sind ein lustig Blut!


Student travelling

yuheidi, yuheida,

knows how to live fancily,

yuheidi, heida.

On and on, through thick and thin,

he strolls through life.

Yuheidi, heidi, heida,

yuheidi, yuheida,

yuheidi, heidi, heida,

yuheidi, heida!


When we go to a pub,

yuheidi, yuheida,

we always drink beer instead of wine,

yuheidi, heida.

All the girls are nice to us,

‘cause we’re of a funny sort!


In Upper Silesia, Richard Schäffler (1823-1886), who was a judge at a district court wrote this melody, and Gustav Weber (1824-1908), who was a doctor in Glogau, wrote the lyrics. In 1823, the song was published in a book entitled “German-Austrian student song book”. It is about former student life: “Studiosi” (students) did not have much money (in the second strophe, they drink the cheaper beer instead of wine), however, they flirted a lot with the girls and did know how to live “fancily” – which means, they knew how to live their lives well.