kakkô kakkô dokokade

natsuoyobu morinokoe

hora hora hibikuyo


kakkô kakkô yonderu

sawayakani taninokoe

hora hora hibikuyo

Cuckoo, cuckoo, somewhere

it calls the summer out of the woods.

Listen, listen, the sound!


Cuckoo, cuckoo, it cries

freshly from the valley.

Listen, listen, the sound!

Between 1888 and 1892, Takeki Ôwada and Yoshi’isa Oku published a collection of songs (encompassing several parts) entitled “Meiji songbook”. The fourth part includes this song with different lyrics and the title “water bird”. The lyrics we use were written by Masami Ôura. These lyrics as well as a different version by Jun’ichi Kobayashi are widely-spread today.